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Pricing and Availability 

The factors that determine the skill and time required for any particular voice over project are numerous. Rest easy though, I keep things honest and predictable for my clients. I can usually get you an exact quote in an hour or two if you just shoot me an email with a short description of your project.  


Most short form projects that aren't for paid advertisement fall in the $250-$500 range with non paid placement included. E-learning falls between 25 and 50 cents per word. Paid advertisements are negotiated on a project by project basis. 

Once a rate is established for your common needs, you can trust that rate will remain the same as long as the scope of work does.

All projects include a satisfaction guarantee with unlimited performance revisions. I want all my clients to be thrilled with my work. Most projects include at least one additional free recording session to record minor script changes prior to first use of the work. 

Live sessions are bookable same or next day via phone, Source Connect or Zoom/Skype. Otherwise, most projects are returned within 1 business day, frequently in just an hour or two. I am in studio M-F 10am-7pm, Mountain Time. 

Get In Touch


To request rates, discuss your project or request a free custom audition with your script, fill out the form below or email directly to:

Drew will be in touch ASAP!

Main Studio

1101 E. Bayaud Ave #E2209 

Denver, CO 80209

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